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have hitherto dominated British affairs is a
peculiar one. The cost of the war is already
enormous, and there is no sign that it will
diminish. Income tax, super tax, death duties,
taxes on war profits have been raised to a level
that should practically extinguish the once
prosperous middle strata of society altogether.
The very wealthy will survive in a shorn and
diminished state, they will hang on to the last,
but the graded classes that have hitherto inter-
vened between them and the impoverished
masses of the population, who will be irritated by
war sacrifices, extensively unemployed and asking
more and more penetrating questions, will have
diminished greatly. Only by th^Tmost ingenious
monetary manipulation, by J dangerous tax-
dodging and expedients verging^on sheer scoun-
drelism, will a clever young m^fn have the ghost
of a chance of climbing by tihe old traditional
money-making ladder, abovlr his fellows. On
the other hand, the career o . a public employee
will become continually mo:^ attractive. There
is more interest in it and mc**e self-respect. The
longer the war continues, the f^mpleter and more
plainly irreparable will be th/ dissolution of the
old order. /                         ~: ^^
Now to many readers who have been incredu-
lous of the statement of the first section of this